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Meet 27 year old "Special Skater from San Antonio, Texas. Melissa Lynn Cheatwood, AKA "The Ice Princess". Melissa participates in an International Sports Group that serves the World's people with mental retardation. She is a Multi-Gold medalist in this International Sports Group competing in the following sports bowling, swimming, volleyball, basketball and her favorite the beautiful and graceful sport of ice skating and ice dancing. She skates Freestyle level 4 and Ice Dance Level 3. Melissa was an alternate figure skating member of USA World Team 2009. Born in April of 1982, 3 months pre-mature Melissa was not expected to survive her birth. Despite a stay in a NICU for months with round the clock dedicated nurses and a Neonatalogist. She has moderate mental retardation, anxiety disorder, pervasive development delay, eating disorder, speech delay and right side deformity. With all the above mentioned disabilities she has flourished into a very talented multi-faceted athlete who will infect you with her "SEIZE THE MOMENT" personality, smile and a beautiful pair of sparkling blue eyes. Click here to read her background. This international athlete wants to add tennis and golf to her sporting life. She added track/field and equestrian in 2009. She trains in San Antonio with head freestyle coach, Ms. Erin who is a Canadian GOLD Champion, and in Austin at Chaparral Ice (www.chaparralice.com). Melissa also has an ice dance coach, jumps and spins coach as well as a compulsories coach. She is looking for an Unified Ice Dance partner now. Melissa is very proud to be a Full member of the Austin Figure Skating Club.

Melissa has been involved in this International Sports Group for 16 years and has been ice skating in the group for 11 years, mastering numerous skills (layback spin, camel spin and can even do a split jump!!

Melissa is the Ice Skating Institute's only East Coast/Gulf Coast Special Skater 10, and one of only two "SS 10's" in the United States of America . Melissa now competes in ISI Freestyle Level 3 as a Special Skater and plans to compete at ISI Adult Natl's in 2011.

Melissa is proud to be "Athlete Ambassador" to San Antonio Disabled Athletes Association Inc., an organization committed to helping disabled athletes develop their athletic abilities and self confidence. Visit their website www.sanantoniodaa.org

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To view videos of Melissa and other athletes, visit www.youtube.com/user/melissacheatwood.

Find more young skaters in training
at: JuniorSkaters.com

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Melissa receives NO funding from any international sports group, local, city or state agency for her training, costumes and travel expenses. She depends largely on the generosity of interested visitors like you viewing her web site. If you would like to sponsor this SPECIAL DISABLED SKATER from TEXAS and read a list of expenses click here. ALL donations are Welcomed and appreciated!!!!!

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Thank you Harlick for my 4th pair of custom-made ice boots!
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